1. Brand Breakdown: The Most Reliable Appliances

    If you’re in the market for a washer, refrigerator, or other home appliance, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best value for your money. They’re machines that you and your family rely upon to make your life easier. Because of this, and the fact that you can invest quite a bit of m…Read More

  2. Tips For Buying a New Refrigerator jjim and dave's appliance loveland

    Tips For Buying a New Refrigerator

    If you've already called your local appliance repair company, such as Jim and Dave's Appliance located in Loveland, CO, and they have determined that a refrigerator repair is probably not going to last long for your refrigerator, then it's time to buy a new fridge. Yet, since the average lifespan of…Read More

  3. How To Find A Dependable Appliance Repair Company

    Uh oh, what’s that sound coming from your fridge? And does your dryer keep stopping randomly mid-cycle? Sounds like it’s time for an appliance repair call.   Unfortunately, if you or someone you know has had a horror story experience with an appliance repair contractor, you’re likely a bi…Read More

  4. Is It Cost-Effective To Repair Older Appliances?

    Get Prompt, Dependable Appliance Repair From Jim And Dave’s If you’ve evaluated your machine based on the above factors and believe appliance repair is your best path forward, connect with Jim And Dave’s Appliance Repair in Loveland today! We're known by our clients as one of the most reliable…Read More

  5. How To Save Money On Your Power Bills In Winter

    Who doesn’t want to save money on their utility bills? As winter wears on, there are several easy steps you can take to ensure your essential appliances are performing their best and minimize your energy costs. At Jim And Dave’s Appliance Repair in Loveland, we help residents throughout Northern…Read More

  6. How To Understand Warranties

    You rely on your household appliances everyday — do you know if you’re protected when they inevitably break down? Appliance warranties are incredibly important to understand and be aware of. Your appliances are an investment, after all, and the difference between a warranty covering a specific p…Read More

  7. What To Know When Buying A New Appliance

    Are you considering making some pricey upgrades around your kitchen and home? Maybe you notice your dishwasher isn’t running as well as it used to, or maybe you simply need a bigger fridge to accommodate a growing family. Whatever it is, don’t buy just yet — consider these few things first, so…Read More