7 Signs Your Dryer Needs To Be Repaired

Are you stressed out by clothes that are coming out of the dryer still damp? Having trouble identifying the issue yourself? Don’t go it alone and risk voiding the warranty on your dryer — Jim & Dave’s Appliance Repair can help you out! We’re one of the most experienced repair firms in Northern Colorado, and our technicians have the factory training and experience to quickly diagnose and repair any issue your dryer could be having. Best of all, we’re authorized by most manufacturers to provide dryer repair under warranty! Call us today to save money on dryer repair, and read on to learn about some of the most common signs that your dryer needs professional attention.

7 Most Common Signs Of Dryer Problems

The Dryer Keeps Stopping Mid-Cycle.

If your dryer is repeatedly stopping mid-cycle, it could indicate a number of issues. Your dryer could be stopping mid-cycle because it’s overheating — which could be a sign of an electrical issue or blockages in ventilation. Clean your dryer’s lint trap and check your dryer’s vents. If everything appears okay, your dryer probably has an electrical issue. Call Jim & Dave’s out to fix it!

The Dryer Won’t Start At All.

A dryer that doesn’t start can make you fear the worst, but the most common cause of a dryer that won’t start — a broken door sensor — is actually pretty simple for a technician to fix. However, it could also be a sign of issues with your dryer’s motor bearings, a much more serious concern. Call Jim & Dave’s out to inspect your machine!

You Hear Squealing Or Grinding Noises.

If you hear loud squealing and grinding sounds that seem almost metallic as your dryer runs, you should take that as a clear sign that your dryer’s motor bearings need prompt attention from a professional. This requires quick attention before you can run your dryer again — damaged motor bearings can cause your dryer to break down completely, and can even damage your dryer if the problem isn’t resolved quickly.

You Hear Banging Or Popping Noises.

If you put shoes or imbalanced loads in your dryer, you could hear some banging and thumping as a natural part of your dryer’s operation. However, if you start hearing banging and popping noises that seem out of the ordinary, call Jim & Dave’s! Rhythmic or intermittent bangs and thumps are a sign that your dryer’s belt is worn down, but not quite to the point of being broken just yet. At this stage in its life, the belt is becoming loose, which is what is causing the erratic noises.

The Dryer Doesn’t Feel Warm Enough.

Sometimes your dryer’s problems aren’t as obvious to the naked eye or attentive ear. Is your dryer running smoothly, but not heating up like it used to. Put your hand on your dryer or near the door when it’s mid-cycle. Is it giving off less warmth than before? If so, this is likely a sign that your dryer’s heating element needs attention to start functioning to its full ability again.

The Dryer’s Drum Won’t Turn.

If the drum of your dryer is turning more slowly than normal, or if it’s not turning at all, that’s likely a sign that the belt is experiencing issues. There’s a small belt in every dryer that’s responsible for keeping the drum moving. Normal rotation of your drum, and thus normal motion in your dryer, can be disrupted when that belt gets damaged, loose, or worn out. Call Jim & Dave’s! Our specialists will be able to evaluate the condition of the belt and replace it, if necessary.

You Smell Burning.

When was the last time you cleaned out the lint trap in your dryer? If you smell an odd scent like something burning or smoking, stop your dryer immediately and call Jim & Dave’s! If you don’t have a habit of cleaning out your lint trap regularly, the lint could be clogging up parts of your dryer’s inner workings and starting to burn, creating a huge fire hazard! Your dryer’s vents could also be in need of cleaning. Our appliance repair team will be able to diagnose the issue and correct it.

Get Your Dryer Fixed Under Warranty

If your dryer is experiencing any of these issues, call Jim & Dave’s Appliance to get quick, efficient service! We load our work trucks with every part your dryer could need in order to ensure that it only takes us one visit to complete the necessary repairs and part replacements for your appliances.

All of our appliance repair technicians are factory-trained and certified to complete dryer repairs under warranty, saving you money and providing manufacturer-quality repair services in less time. We serve residents throughout Northern Colorado, so reach out to us today for the most dependable appliance repair service in the region!

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