Your Guide To Appliance Repair

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How Do You Know When To Repair An Appliance, Instead Of Replacing It?

When your washer and dryer start making weird noises while operating, or your stove has a burner go out, it can be difficult to know whether the problem is fixable or whether it’s financially smarter to just shop for a replacement appliance. At Jim And Dave’s Appliance Repair, our team of factory-trained and certified repair technicians will assess the health of your household appliances and provide top-quality repair work and parts replacements, all covered under warranty. We will help you determine the best path forward for your appliances, just as we have for households across Fort Collins, Loveland, and the Front Range for decades! Call us today to get a taste of the expert workmanship and attentive customer service that’s made us one of Northern Colorado’s Top Rated Local® appliance repair services.

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Jim And Dave’s Is Your Go-To Resource For Long-Lasting Appliance Repair:

  • Our appliance repair technicians are trained and certified to provide factory-grade repair work under warranty

  • We service appliances from all major brands, including Admiral, Amana, Bosch, Electrolux, Frigidaire, GE, Jenn-Air, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Maytag, Thermador, Whirlpool, and more

  • We bring all the possible parts and tools your appliance could need for repair to minimize the need to order out for parts and delay your service

  • We service your appliances under warranty, restoring their performance without voiding the protections in your purchase agreement

Your Guide To Appliance Repair

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The Value Of Appliance Repair

It can be easy to get frustrated when one of your appliances starts to break down and want to simply chuck it, pick up a new one, and move on with your life. But in many cases, you’d be throwing out a machine that only requires a little fix-up to get back to functioning its best again. Appliance repair services are often more cost-effective than paying for a replacement, and can save you money in both the short term and the long term! Here’s why opting for appliance repair from Jim And Dave’s is generally smarter than paying for a brand-new machine.

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Get The Most Out Of Your Appliances

Household appliances are built to last a lot longer than you’d think. With a little TLC from a Jim And Dave’s appliance repair specialist, you can get the longest useful life out of your appliances as possible!

Not only can appliance repair services keep your appliance working, but our technicians can help you ensure that the years of service you get from your appliances are all good-quality years of high performance. A longer life for your appliances isn’t worth anything if it’s not operating efficiently, and Jim And Dave’s Appliance Repair can help you ensure max performance.

After all, energy efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to appliances! There are some sites out there that claim that it’s cheaper to replace some appliances than to repair them, but what they fail to factor in is the savings that appliance repair can earn you on your energy bills. By keeping your appliances running as smoothly as possible, you’ll save money each billing cycle, all of which can be saved and put towards a new appliance when your current one reaches the end of its lifespan on its own. Not to mention, these claims fail to account for the tow-away and installation costs of large appliances, like your washer and dryer.

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Minimize Risk

It can be tempting to want to fix problems yourself when your appliances start experiencing issues (after all, what business is going to beat your quote for labor costs — free?) but trust us, it’s much safer to let an experienced contractor like Jim And Dave’s handle your appliance repair work. Yes, you stand to save money by repairing your appliances on your own, but if you’re not trained to properly diagnose and repair appliance issues, you run the substantial risk of damaging your appliance or making the problem worse when trying to fix it. Not to mention that replacement parts for the specific model of your appliance can be hard for novices to find at a fair price. Simply put, DIY appliance repair is far too risky to be worth the cost savings. In the end, you may end up costing yourself more with a failed DIY repair that requires a professional to fix. Plus, when you repair your appliance yourself, you’ll void your warranty!

Warranties are an especially valuable part of your appliances. Warranties cover many of the common issues your appliances could run into through normal operation, allowing you to get your machine restored to reliable working conditions at little to no cost to yourself. They’re a valuable part of any purchase contract, and it’s foolish to do anything to your appliances to void them, such as attempting to fix or modify them yourself.

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Get Your Issues Resolved Quickly

Getting your appliances repaired by Jim And Dave’s is the quickest way to resolve your issues and resume enjoying peak appliance performance. If you opt for a replacement, you’ll have to spend hours shopping for a replacement model, getting it delivered and installed in your home, and removing your old appliance. Even worse, if you call your manufacturer for a factory-direct repair, you’ll have to wait weeks for the factory to get a technician out to service your machine. And even then, the manufacturers won’t work with your schedule as diligently as our appliance repair team will.

When you hire a trusted local appliance repair contractor like Jim And Dave’s, we schedule your service when it’s most convenient for you. We understand busted appliances are a pain, so we strive to take as much of the hassle out of fixing the situation as possible by fixing your appliances directly in your home and loading our work trucks with all the parts we could need. That way we don’t have to leave and return for what we need, and we don’t have to delay your service by ordering out parts.

Quick, convenient, and cost-efficient. That’s what appliance repair services are when you choose Jim And Dave’s.

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Appliance Repair & Maintenance

Now that we’ve discussed the value of appliance repair services, let’s talk about what you can do to ensure the best performance from your various appliances, and signs to watch for from each to tell when repair and maintenance are needed. Remember: when in doubt, call us out!

Our appliance repair technicians are friendly and straightforward dealers. The Jim And Dave’s Appliance staff will be able to quickly diagnose your appliance’s issues and give you an honest assessment of the needed repairs, and in some cases, if replacing the machine would be a better option for you.


What You Can Do To Keep It Running Well:

Clean It Regularly: Taking the time to clean your fridge once a month can help prevent the growth of bacteria and the buildup of smelly messes. Be careful to not just wipe down the inner shelves and walls of your fridge — if you can reach it, wiping its exterior vents, which are typically found on the back, can keep its cooling system breathing easy and working seamlessly.

Keep It Closed: Unless you know what you want to put in or take out of your fridge, you should strive to keep it closed. Leaving your fridge doors open while you mull what you’d like to eat or enjoy a cold drink wastes energy and forces your fridge’s cooling system to work harder to keep your food and drink cold while competing with rapidly warming temperatures. In essence, think of your fridge as a home for your food and drink and your home like a hot summer’s day — don’t let the cold air out unless you have to!

What To Watch For:

Mild Temperatures: If the inside of your fridge doesn’t feel cold, you should take it as a sign that your fridge’s compressor isn’t doing its job. If you have a habit of leaving the fridge door open for extended periods, it may only feel cool in your fridge — leave your fridge closed and see if the situation improves. If not, check your warranty and call Jim And Dave’s Appliance!

Frost: If you notice that some areas in your fridge are cooler than others, or if some food or drink you leave in the fridge gets frost on it or even freezes, this could indicate one of two problems. Either your fridge’s coils aren’t working properly, or your fridge door’s seal could be broken, forcing your fridge to overcompensate for the warm air getting in.

Noisy Operation: Some fridges hum louder than others, but should generally be mostly quiet when functioning properly. If your fridge is operating more loudly than you’re accustomed to, you should take it as a sign that its compressor or motor shaft is wearing down and need to be replaced.

Leaks: Leaking water or small puddles underneath your fridge are indicative of a cracked drip pan or a dysfunctional door seal. Both issues need to be fixed immediately.

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What You Can Do To Keep It Running Well:

Clean The Coils: Your freezer’s condenser coils are integral to maintaining its icy-cold temperatures and keeping your food preserved. Cleaning these coils periodically keeps them fresh and functioning properly!

Cool Down Your Leftovers: Let food items cool down naturally before storing them in your freezer. Excess heat can confuse your freezer’s temperature monitors and hamper its ability to keep your food cold.

Give It Some Space: When positioning your freezer, as well as your fridge, leave a few inches of space between the machine and any walls. Both appliances need a little breathing room for their vents to work properly.

What To Watch For:

Water Leaks: If you notice water leaking from your freezer, chances are its door seal is broken or otherwise insufficient.

Odors: While bad smells could be related to the items you’ve chosen to store in your freezer, or items that you’ve left in the freezer too long, it could also be a sign of an issue with your freezer’s refrigerant. If you notice odors in your freezer, empty and clean it out, then check if the odor persists. If it does, call Jim And Dave’s!

Inconsistent Freezing: Your freezer could be experiencing mechanical issues if you notice some areas of your freezer keep food colder or crisper than others.

When you run into these common issues, it may be time to schedule a freezer repair with Jim & Dave’s!

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Washing Machine

What You Can Do To Keep It Running Well:

Run An Empty Load: Running the washing machine without a load once a month is a great way to remove any crud your previous wash loads may have left behind. Run a hot water load with a pinch of detergent, and wipe away any signs of dirt or debris the empty load doesn’t wash away.

Keep It Level: All washers, but top-load washing machines in particular require balance to operate efficiently without issues. A lot of force is generated during the washing process, and a washer placed on uneven ground or an uneven surface can strain itself in the process of operating, lowering its useful lifespan, or even damage itself inadvertently. Be sure to place your washer on level ground or a flat surface that can support its weight (and the weight of your clothes).

Load Clothes Evenly: Similar to needing to be level, top-load washers function best when the weight of clothes in a load is distributed evenly. This prevents the machine from operating in an imbalance, a state which can cause strain on its parts and even damage.

What To Watch For:

Noises: Washing machines are inherently noisy appliances, so what you should listen for are out-of-the-ordinary noises. New sounds over time, such as banging or squeaking, could be signs that your washer’s motor or drum needs to be fixed. Note that if you put tennis shoes in the wash, you may also hear bangs — that’s not necessarily a sign of damage, but we discourage putting shoes through the wash regardless.

Dirty Clothes: If your washer isn’t cleaning your clothes, that’s a good sign that your washer’s days are numbered. Call Jim And Dave’s Appliance to learn more if this is the case!

Damp Clothes: Your clothes should come out of the washer dripping wet, provided that you haven’t left them in for a good while after the load finished washing. If your clothes come out damp or half-dry, that means that there’s not enough water running through your washer, which could indicate any number of issues, be it clogged filters or valves, or a kink in the washer’s water supply line.


What You Can Do To Keep It Running Well:

  • Clean The Exhaust Vent: Clean your dryer’s exhaust vent once every year or two to prevent vent clogs and fires! It’s the best thing you can do for your dryer.
  • Clear The Lint Trap: Clear your dryer’s lint trap after each load to ensure the optimal function of your dryer.

What To Watch For:

  • Noise: Similar to your washer, your dryer is likely experiencing internal issues if it begins operating more noisily.
  • Load Interruptions: If your dryer stops operating midway through a cycle, it could be a sign of a power supply issue.

All of these signs mean it’s time to call Jim & Dave’s for dryer repair services.

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What You Can Do To Keep It Running Well:

  • Run A Vinegar Load: Much like you can clean your washer by running an empty load, you can clean your dishwasher by running an empty load once a month. Just add a pinch of vinegar to the soap tray!
  • Don’t Overload: Tempting as it might be to fill your dishwasher to the brim, try not to squeeze multiple plates or bowls into one slot. Overloading your dishwasher can put a strain on its inner workings.

What To Watch For:

  • Water Leaks: Similar to your fridge, any water leaks or pooling water underneath should be taken as signs of an ineffective door seal.
  • Dirty Dishes: If your dishwasher is starting to leave behind multiple dirty dishes regularly, call Jim And Dave’s out, as that could indicate any number of issues with your machine.

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Stove & Oven

What You Can Do To Keep It Running Well:

  • Clean It Regularly: Make use of your oven’s self-clean function, and strive to keep your oven and your stovetop clean of any gunk that could make its way into their burners. Burning leftover crud doesn’t just smell bad, it’s not good for your stove or oven, either!
  • Check Your Burners: Monitor your stove’s burners regularly to ensure no mess is getting in them and that they’re functioning properly.

What To Watch For:

  • Uneven Cooking: If your stove or oven is cooking food unevenly, it’s a sign that your stove burners or your oven’s heating coils aren’t working right. Call Jim And Dave’s out to take a look!
  • Gas Smell: If you smell gas when you’re no longer cooking, and you haven’t left a burner on, call an appliance repair specialist out right away! That’s a dangerous situation we need to fix right away.

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What Sets Us Apart

You now know why you should opt for appliance repair services rather than simply replacing your broken appliances and how to care for your appliances to keep them running well. But with many appliance repair contractors to choose from, what makes Jim And Dave’s a Broncos Business Pick® and the preferred choice for so many across Northern Colorado? Here’s what earned us our sterling reputation:

Certified Expertise

Your appliance’s warranty can save you a huge amount of money on repair work — if you hire the right contractor. At Jim And Dave’s, our technicians are all trained and certified by the manufacturers themselves to provide factory-grade appliance repair work and parts replacement for all major appliance brands, from Kirkland to Kenmore. When you choose us, you’ll receive appliance repair work that falls under the protection of your warranty, saving you money and keeping your service contract intact. Some of the many brands we service include:

  • Amana
  • Bosch
  • Electrolux
  • Estate
  • Frigidaire
  • GE
  • JennAir
  • Kenmore
  • Kirkland
  • KitchenAid
  • Maytag
  • Monogram
  • Samsung
  • Thermador
  • Whirlpool

Quick, Efficient Service

Fixing a busted appliance is a hassle. We make the process as efficient as possible by completing our repair work directly in your home and bringing our technicians to you. We load up our work trucks with massive parts inventories to ensure we have every part and tool we could need to get your appliance in working order and to minimize the chance that we’ll need to order out for parts. We come to the job prepared for anything so that you can count on service without any delays.

Workmanship Guarantee

As long as your appliance is still under warranty, all of our repair work and the replacement parts we install in your appliances should be covered. If your warranty has expired, don’t worry! We provide additional protections for you to reduce your liability. If the appliance we fix for you is after warranty, we guarantee our work for 90 days, and we warranty the replacement parts we install for the maximum amount of time allowed by your machine’s manufacturer. We stand behind the quality of our work!

Quality Local Service

The best part about choosing Jim And Dave’s for your appliance repair is the caring customer service that only a locally-owned contractor can provide. Having been founded in Loveland and now operating all over the Front Range, we at Jim And Dave’s are your neighbors and your partners in expert appliance care. We value the business our community gives us and seek to repay your trust with each interaction and house call.

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