How A Washing Machine Works

How A Washing Machine Works

At Jim & Daves Appliances, we are experts at repairing appliances like refrigerators and washing machines, but we know that there’s no substitute for good quality everyday care. That's why it's important to understand how your washing machine works. Working knowledge of your washing machine can help you determine if you are in need of a certified technician or if the problem is something you can solve on your own.

If you ever need an expert washing machine technician, call Jim & Daves Appliances in Loveland, CO.

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Step 1: Loading and Filling With Water

This is the part we’re all very familiar with. We add our dirty laundry and detergent to the tub, select the settings we want, and maybe stick around long enough to watch the water start to fill up the tub. At this point, something more exciting usually distracts us, but this is just when the interesting stuff starts to happen.

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Step 2: Agitation

No, agitation isn’t just when your washing machine starts acting fussy — although if it does you should definitely give Jim and Daves Appliances a call. Agitation is when the drum of your washing machine starts to swish back and forth and stir up all the detergent and water so it can attach to the dirt from your clothes and lift it off them.

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Step 3: Drain & Rinse

It’s just what it sounds like. The dirt-riddled water gets drained from your washing machine and then the tub gets refilled with fresh clean water to rinse your clothes. Depending on the setting you chose, you can have several rinses to ensure all the soap gets washed out.

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Step 4: SPIN!

This is our favorite part at Jim & Daves, but it’s also the part that might cause the most damage. If a load isn’t properly balanced or the spin cycle is too intense, it can damage your washing machine. If that happens, make sure to give us a call. To prevent any damage, make sure you load your laundry evenly in the beginning to keep your machine balanced.

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