How To Understand Warranties

You rely on your household appliances everyday — do you know if you’re protected when they inevitably break down?

Appliance warranties are incredibly important to understand and be aware of. Your appliances are an investment, after all, and the difference between a warranty covering a specific problem with your appliance or not can be hundreds of dollars.

At Jim And Dave’s Appliance Repair in Loveland, we help people all throughout Northern Colorado reap the full value of their appliances by providing factory-grade appliance repair under warranty to save them money. Taking the time to understand your warranty has the potential to save you lots of money, and in today’s blog, we’ll outline a few ways you can determine the specifics of your appliances’ protections. Keep reading to learn more!

Consider Common Warranty Periods

You can be certain your appliance repair is covered, either by the manufacturer or by the store you bought the appliance from, if it breaks down within 30 days of purchase. If it breaks down within a year of purchase, you can still feel fairly confident that your appliance repair will be covered, as most manufacturers offer a one year warranty. Beyond that, though, you’ll have to do some digging.

Check Your Appliance’s Manual Or Your Receipt

If it’s been more than a year since you purchased your appliance, check your receptor user manual (you saved those, right?). These should have information about any extended warranty protection your appliance enjoys. If not, you can try to…

Contact The Store Where You Bought Your Appliance

If you don’t have your receipt, this could prove difficult. Nevertheless, the store where you bought your appliance should be able to provide you more specific details about your transaction, as well as information about the benefits of any customer rewards program you may have signed up for, which can sometimes include extended warranties or return periods.

Check The Website Of The Appliance Manufacturer

If you can’t find your user manual and you have no luck at the store, check the website of your appliance’s manufacturer, or call their customer help line. It’s there that you’ll be able to ascertain the specifics of the warranty that came with your machine, as well as discover details on any extended warranty protection available to you.

Check With Your Credit Card Company

If you have no luck with any of the above options, contact your credit card company if you purchased your appliance with credit! Several credit card companies offer free warranty protection up to one year after the manufacturer’s warranty as part of their consumer protection benefits. Connect with your credit card company to see if this benefit is available to you.

Get Appliance Repair Under Warranty Today

Whether or not your machine is still under warranty, it needs to be fixed. For the best appliance repair in Northern Colorado, call Jim And Dave’s Appliance Repair! Our appliance repair technicians are factory-trained and certified to provide long-lasting repairs and parts replacements under warranty for appliances in most major brands. Best yet, we offer additional warranties of our own on any repair work or parts replacements we complete for you! Connect with us today for service you can trust.

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