Repair or Replace: What To Do With Your Broken Appliances

Repair or Replace: What To Do With Your Broken Appliances

At Jim and Dave's Appliance, we know just how frustrating it can be when your appliances aren’t working the way they’re supposed to. Of course, when that happens, it leads people to one question — “Should I have my broken appliance repaired or should I get a new one?” We’re sharing a few things to consider below, so keep reading to learn more, or feel free to reach out to our appliance repair experts to get an estimate today.

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The Benefits of Appliance Repair

If your appliance is relatively new (or sometimes even if it isn’t), appliance repair is the first option to consider. After all, if you can enjoy more years of use just by swapping a few parts, that’s the way to go — and it helps to minimize waste.

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How Old Is Your Appliance

If your appliance has served your home dutifully for years, it may be time to replace it with something newer. As appliances age, it becomes harder to source parts to keep them running their best. In these instances, replacing them is often the best option. At Jim and Dave’s, we’d be happy to let you know if appliance repair is an option for your appliance before you make your decision!

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Is Your Appliance Under Warranty?

One of the biggest reasons to consider appliance repair is that if your appliance is still under warranty, replacement parts and our repair work should be covered. When you enlist our help, you can rest assured that our mission is to make sure your appliance is working as good as new.

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Appliance Repair Services We Offer

At Jim and Dave’s, we’re proud to offer refrigerator repair, washing machine repair, dishwasher repair, stove and oven repair, and more. If you’re considering having your appliance repaired, we’re the team to turn to for expert assistance you can rely on!

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