Signs Your Refrigerator May Need To Be Repaired


A misbehaving refrigerator is something that none of us want to encounter after a long day at work, especially when it means having to pull out the food contained inside, find a spot to store it all before it goes bad, and then troubleshoot the fridge. In worst-case scenarios, a bad fridge after 5 PM could mean ruined food and a substantial wait for a repair specialist to show up at your home.

When a breakdown in your refrigerator happens, how can you tell when it is happening and what the cause is? In this latest blog from Jim & Dave’s Appliance, Northern Colorado’s most trustworthy appliance repair company, we’ll teach you what to look out for when your refrigerator starts acting up, and who to call when you think it might need fixing.

Loud Noises

It’s normal for a refrigerator to make the occasional noise, especially when it is in defrost mode and the compressor is humming along like a miniature car motor. What’s not normal is to hear sounds that happen outside of the self-cleaning process — noises like thumps, clangs, and ticks can indicate that a refrigerator’s compressor, condenser, or motor are giving up the ghost and in need of repair or replacement. If you hear unusual noises coming out of your fridge, consider calling a repair specialist to investigate and fix the issue.

Frost Buildup

Frost buildup in your freezer is one thing, but finding it constantly growing on the products in your refrigerator is another matter entirely. Sometimes the fix is as simple as adjusting the temperature controls, but unfortunately the failure of internal parts can’t be resolved with the easy turn of a dial. When an evaporator coil starts to go bad, it can cause temperature fluctuations in both the freezer and refrigerator, which often results in frost building up on food and the interior of the fridge

If you’ve tried playing with temperature settings in your fridge and frost is still making an appearance, give a call to a local refrigerator repair company like Jim & Dave’s. They will be able to troubleshoot the source of the problem and suggest a proper course of action.


Condensation Buildup

Like frost, condensation is something you want to find in your refrigerator only occasionally, and definitely not on a regular basis. The defrost setting on a modern fridge usually does a good job of clearing out any unwanted condensation from the inside, but when parts start failing, it can result in moisture buildup that collects in the fridge and turns to ice in the freezer. Before you contact a repair specialist, try adjusting the temperature manually; if that doesn’t work, chances are good that something is wrong with your fridge.

Spoiling Food

This sign is definitely hard to miss and almost impossible to ignore once it starts happening! Food that is spoiling days before it is normally expected to is a sure sign that your refrigerator needs a visit from an appliance repair technician. If manually adjusting the temperature does nothing to keep your food fresh, a parts failure is the most likely culprit.

Hot To The Touch

A properly-working refrigerator will always be slightly warm to the touch, indicating that all internal parts are working properly and that everything is going well on the inside. A fridge that is giving off noticeable heat, however, can mean that one or more parts are failing and attention from a fridge repair expert is needed as soon as possible.

If your refrigerator is hot to the touch, unplug it and check how much heat is radiating from the back — if it’s considerably more than what the front or sides are giving off, it’s a good sign that the motor has broken down or the heating coils have malfunctioned. Unplug your fridge and call a technician immediately.

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