The Best Tips For Washing Clothes

The Best Tips For Washing Clothes

You may think that washing clothes is intuitive, but to many, this is just not the case, especially if you have a newer washing machine with a lot of different cycles and other button choices that baffle you. Jim and Dave's Appliance is a Northern Colorado appliance repair company that offers top-notch appliance repair when you need it. Below, we'll offer up the best tips for washing your clothes, and contact our team to get started today!


Understand Your Washing Machine's Settings

When you get a new washing machine, the settings can be overwhelming to say the least. From "normal" to "heavy duty" to cycle times, fabric softener, bleach options, and temperature choices, you may not know when to start. To maximize the lifespan of your washing machine, spend some time reading the owner's manual or Google your machine online to read up on the settings, what they mean, and when to use them, which will relieve your stress and anxiety when washing clothes.


Use Cold Water Most Of The Time

Cold water is your friend when washing clothes. First, clothes tend to shrink when you use warm or hot water. Your hot water heater has to heat up the water to wash clothes in hot water, meaning you are using more energy (and money) to wash in hot water. And, cold water won't fade dark or bright colors like warm water does.


Cut The Detergent Levels

Another common myth with washing clothes is that the more detergent you use, the cleaner your clothes will be. While laundry detergent companies want you to believe this, this is just plain wrong. Modern washing machines thrive on less detergent, especially if it's the concentrated kind. Too much detergent can leave residue on your clothes that can make them stiff. Pro tip: use half of what it says on the laundry detergent container when washing clothes.


Choose The Shortest Washing Machine Cycle Possible

Many people equate the length of time their clothes wash with cleanliness. However, with modern washing machines, this is simply not the case. Your clothes are just as clean if you choose a 45-minute cycle than if you choose a 60-minute cycle. Usually, the shorter cycle is the best option. It saves on operating costs, wear and tear on your washing machine, and the fewer times your laundry goes around in a circle, the longer it will last.


Speaking of wear and tear, if your washing machine is showing signs of sputtering out, such as making loud noises or not getting your clothes clean, it may be time to call your local appliance repair company, Jim and Dave's Appliance in Loveland. Our top-rated appliance technicians can have your washing machine back up to speed in no time. Call to schedule an appointment today!

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